Google Play Drops Payments through Verizon

If you preferred to pay for your Android apps and subscriptions with Verizon or Boost Mobile payment systems, you need to find another solution. Since February 2022, these payment methods are not supported by Google Play anymore. Users who preferred these methods have already received emails warning them about the changes to come.

It’s been quite an easy option to pay for content via mobile phone billing, as carriers were willing to collaborate with Google on that. One could pay the bills from the carrier in cash, without any need to expose their credit card details to anyone but the carrier. Those who did not trust Google or supposed their phones could be hacked could use this option for privacy. The list still includes AT&T, Boost Mobile, Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular. As for Verizon, it’s here so far, but Google officially warns that it’s not for long.

Why is this collaboration ditched? According to the statement issued by Verizon, it’s a “business decision”. An unconfirmed source from Google tells that this decision was made because of some “security reasons”. Still, neither Google nor Verizon corroborates this so far. Neither is it clear who initiated this breakup. The same could have happened to Boost Mobile and AT&T, but the sides have obviously come to an agreement. Now the list includes both these carriers along with others.

The Verizon payment option will be cut on February 22, 2022. The support page by Google recommends that users who paid through Verizon phone billing update their payment methods and add a credit card or another method that’s still supported. There is also detailed instruction on how to do it.

Have you ever paid for apps or services with mobile phone billing? Was it indeed easier and more secure? If you are a Verizon client, did it make you want to change your carrier or switch to an iPhone? Let’s discuss this issue in the comments!