Information from An Insider Says That the Google Algorithm Will Be Changed to Mimic the TikTok Feed

An insider from Facebook recently stunned the global community with unexpected news. The fact is that the company's management sent a letter to all employees, in which there were requirements to change the Facebook feed in such a way that it would correspond to the functionality of TikTok as much as possible. The unprecedented popularity of TikTok, the rapid growth of the interest of the younger generation in it, as well as the huge income of the company, stimulated the Meta to reconsider its attitude towards the fundamental structure of the Facebook app. After all, at this pace, TikTok will very soon become a more significant player in the category of social networks. So, it's time to act and change something. So why not borrow something that works well from the competitors?

Not all employees of the company reacted positively to such a dramatic change. This is because Facebook has been and remains a platform for bringing family members and friends together, and a complete reorientation is not only a huge risk but also to some extent a rejection of the values that shaped the brand.

According to The Verge, two months ago, Tom Alison shared the contents of a memo to employees that contained a clear plan to change how the feed works. After its implementation, recommendations will come from any source, and not just from those to which the user is subscribed. The same approach is being used by TikTok, which could triple its revenue by the end of the year. We are talking about such large sums that they will exceed the combined income of Snapchat and Twitter.

How do you feel about the changes to the Facebook feed? Do you think other applications will borrow ideas from TikTok? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.