Instagram Asks Users to Stop Posting TikTok Videos to Reels

It seems that Instagram is becoming increasingly more serious in focusing on the creators of the platform rather than on re-posters and aggregator accounts. According to Instagram head Adam Mosseri, the company encourages all users to use the creative tools of the platform and not just repost videos from TikTok to get views.

To boost this tendency, the developers of Instagram added three new tools. If you are a brand or you sell something on the platform, you can benefit from using product tags in your posts. You can tag yourself as a ‘Photographer,’ ‘Model,’ and this category will be visible when someone tags you in a post. This may increase your visibility if you use Instagram professionally. And, most importantly, it seems that Instagram plans to prioritize original content created on the platform.

According to Mosseri, it is important for Instagram to give original creators more power as opposed to users who re-share videos from TikTok or other platforms. Previously, Meta was quite clear about the fact that the team wants both Instagram and Facebook to be more creative platforms rather than just social media tools that make it easy for you to talk to friends. For this reason, the platforms have already added shopping tools and also a number of other ways to help creators attract more followers.

The changes have especially a lot to do with Reels. If you use Instagram, you may have noticed how many TikTok videos are reposted in this video format. The company plans to make such clone videos less appealing to create by lowering their ratings. It means that this change will particularly affect large aggregator accounts, but it’s definitely a necessary improvement.

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