Low Popularity Forces Google to Shut Down ‘Currents’

Google is amazing at creating mobile operating systems and search engines, but it is absolutely terrible at making its social media platforms and messaging services popular. Google Currents is yet another testament to this unwritten rule.

Google Currents was a part of G Suite and became available in 2019 as an alternative to Google+ for businesses. However, after only two years, Google has announced that it will be shutting it down. Enterprise customers are encouraged to use Spaces instead, which was released in 2021 as an alternative to the G Suite.

 According to users, Spaces is a much better alternative to anything Google provided in the past. It offers a tight integration of Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Meet, which allows for an amazing user experience. Thus, it was decided that in 2023 the services that were once provided by the Currents will become available in Spaces.

A rather small fraction of people who used to use Currents are advised to use Spaces instead since it offers pretty much the same tools. The primary difference between these tools is that they are very closely integrated with the other services that Google provides.

This move by Google was to be expected since all the major companies are in a race to create better SaaS tools. Workspace, created and used by Meta, is a direct competitor of Google’s services and it remains to be seen who will prevail.

The intense competition forces the companies to improve and innovate. Thus, the users can expect to see rapid changes in all of these services in the near future.

Have you ever used Google Currents? What do you think about the services provided by Spaces? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.