Meta Offers New Avatars and Better Customization Features

The ambitions of the Meta company, previously known as Facebook, have a lot to do with metaverse integration and this has been apparent for a while now. Even though metaverse is only being born, the company makes confident steps to become one of the pioneers in this field. This time, Meta worked on offering users more customization features for 3D avatars. 

Such avatars can be created for Facebook and Messenger and now they look a lot more like people who create them. This is something that is easy to notice when you compare the previous avatar models to the upgraded ones introduced by the company. It’s not only that there are more options to create accurate facial features, but the company also paid attention to detail. Meta now offers an opportunity to add hearing aids, wheelchairs, and more, to the images if people decide to represent themselves in this way. While photorealism is obviously still not there, it is interesting to see how technology evolves. 

Initially, such avatars became a part of Facebook in 2019. There have been plenty of people playing around with them and using them as stickers or reactions. As such avatars were not too advanced, it’s not surprising that they didn’t become a huge part of the social media platform. As the technology progresses, it’s likely that more people would be interested in creating such virtual versions of themselves to use online. 

According to the team of Meta, they think that in several years people would use all kinds of avatars in their virtual presentations. The photorealistic ones would require digital scanning and advanced technologies, so who knows when we will be able to see such avatars from average users. 

What are your thoughts on this development? Have you created your avatar? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!