New Battlefield 2042 Scoreboard Will Arrive in March

Soon after its release, Battlefield 2042 started having plenty of issues with the game. A lot of players complained about missing features that make it difficult to enjoy the game to the fullest. While it definitely hasn’t been smooth sailing, the developers are working on fixing problems that arise. Now, the team mentioned that players won’t have to wait long for the scoreboard to appear.

DICE announced on Friday that the team will introduce the game scoreboard in March, even though the original release was planned for February. When the game was launched, it didn’t include a proper scoreboard and this didn’t make players happy. Now, the gaming company plans to fix this problem, and they mentioned what the new scoreboard will include. It will feature the squadmate scores, the best players, the team’s progress, and nearby players. The team’s progress is a particularly necessary feature, as many people like to have multiplayer matches.

DICE announced the upcoming scoreboard as they also told fans that they fixed some instabilities in the game. According to the Twitter post, the extra month that they gave themselves to work on the scoreboard will help them work on the quality of updates and they will also bring additional changes. It is hard to tell whether DICE will be able to adhere to their schedule this time, but hopefully, it won’t be long before players get the desired update.

Just recently, DICE announced that they decided to delay the next season of Battlefield 2042 and it will come out in the summer of 2022. The game surely needs some tweaking, but the problem is that players begin to get frustrated. It’s interesting to see how developers will keep them coming back.

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