Snapchat Celebrates India’s Republic Day with Lenses, Stickers, and Geofilters

On January 26, India celebrated its 73rd Republic Day, the analog of what other countries call Independence Day. Though this was the day before yesterday, the celebration goes on with Snapchat. The popular mobile app commemorates the date with new filters, lenses, and stickers in Indian colors and with national symbolics.

The launch of the new content is quite pompous. These lenses will be promoted in collaboration with influencers, so Indian users share these lenses and apply them in their videos, publish, and send to each other. In addition, Snapchat will work with Vivo, Oppo, and Samsung to promote these lenses on phones by these vendors additionally. Despite recent controversies between India and China, Chinese brands by BBK readily collaborate on this occasion.

Like any lenses, these ones are available in the Explore menu. The lenses are made by the community and feature the Indian flag, flag tapes, a flag-colored heart, maps, famous buildings and spots, and other content related to India that can be AR-ed, including stripe-like cosmetics on faces. The lenses are available both inside India and abroad, so Indian communities overseas can join their motherland for the celebration. To search them, one needs to type in “India” or “Republic Day” (warning: there will be really much content!)

The popularity of Snapchat in India is astonishing. The country has the biggest user base in the world: in July 2021, almost 116 million Snapchat users were from India. It’s natural that Snapchat replies with reciprocation and highlights the importance of Indian Snappers.

Are you celebrating India’s Republic Day, or congratulating your Indian friends? Which of the lenses and stickers do you like the most? Share your favorite content from Snapchat here in the comments, or just say what you think about it!