Spectacular Battle of Mechs During the Latest Live Event in The Fortnite Universe

The last Fortnite event was sure to be remembered by many viewers, as it contained clear hints of the upcoming season, as well as a huge mech. The start of the event was no less interesting, with the audience founding themselves on an abandoned space station, where everything was covered with frost. It was a great place to have fun firing cannons at asteroids while The Origin and Agent Jones bicker over a loudspeaker. After their dialogue, the audience will learn that the characters have a new mission, where they need to heroically stop a terrible weapon that can wipe out all life from the face of the island.
Next, at the space station, there is a meeting with a huge mech, which hurries to the island to help defeat the invasion. Players needed to control the turrets while flying to attack blimps, tanks, and other armed forces. In the beginning, the event is more like an arcade game with beautiful cutscenes that bring an interesting context to what is happening. Particularly memorable are the episodes with using a giant laser sword and mech healing.
The next round of plot development is connected with the fact that the mech broke down and the journey continues on foot. Jones confidently helps to overcome many battles, which are somehow connected with the mysterious Zero Point. After that, there is a serious quarrel with Doctor Slone, who temporarily becomes the main villain, but thanks to the mech, everything is getting better. The event ends with The Foundation and Jones jumping into the Zero Point. What happens to them next remains unsaid. The new season of Fortnite will be released very soon and fans will be able to find out the answers to all their questions.
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