Roblox Creator Marketplace Defaulted To Showing Content from Verified Users Only

Shortly following the implementation of the new phone verification system, Roblox is now bringing more change to its Creator Marketplace. With the latest update, the game set its marketplace to only show content provided by verified creators. It is a by-default setting, so one can adjust it per their preferences. The change is expected to improve the Creator Marketplace safety and make the entire Roblox ecosystem friendlier for the player.

The Creator Marketplace is where you go shopping for resources if you want to build a Roblox experience customized to your specific needs. Here, players can purchase models, images, plugins, and other assets produced by and for the Roblox community. However, with there being a large number of unverified creators among Roblox sellers, the amount of bugged assets is staggering. Now, with a new phone verification system and marketplace default visibility limited to verified creators only, the Roblox Creator Marketplace should become a much safer place for users to browse.

The bold move was met with criticism from the creators who cannot fully comply with the platform's verification requirements, as well as those players who come to the marketplace looking to buy cheaper stuff. It is well-known that content submitted by verified creators costs more, meaning that users will now need to spend more time setting up search filters to include unverified creators in the results before they can start shopping. The one change every player is happy about is that assets are now to run a basic security check for unwanted bugs whenever someone purchases them and adds to the inventory.

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