TikTok Promotes Live Stream Shopping Tools in America… Very Creatively

It’s short entertaining videos we love TikTok for, not its commerce-oriented attempts (though we acknowledge the importance of advertising and marketing). Yet TikTok offers more and more initiatives that are directed at commercial interactions between customers and merchants. Now, it’s regaining momentum at its shopping-focused initiatives on the American market.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that in China (where it’s known as Douyin) TikTok is a very powerful ecommerce platform. It’s the success the platform tries to repeat in Europe and America, but it doesn’t come that easy. The workaround ByteDance has probably found is to cooperate with someone already successful at it.

Who’s that one? Reportedly, it’s TalkShopLive, a platform that has already become successful at live shopping broadcasts, telling the consumers what they’d like to know about various products, inviting experts, making shows entertaining as much as advertising. Its shows are often themed with pop culture icons and staples, such as The Vampire Diaries, featuring celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, Dave Mustaine, Alicia Keys, or Paul McCartney. The platform is one of the fastest growing, its growth reaching 85% month-over-month.

Given that, TalkShopLive and TikTok look like a match made in heaven. It may start simply with TalkShopLive broadcasts appearing on its TikTok channel, heavily advertised for maximizing the engagement. Thus the most active shoppers will be able to learn about products and make purchases right on TikTok, with its infrastructure already set up for that. Of course, TikTok tries to invite as many influencers as possible on its own, but TalkShopLive will be a great addition to that.

What do you think about this potential collaboration? Would it be interesting to you to see TalkShopLive broadcasts on TikTok? What are the chances you’ll purchase something after such a broadcast? Share your expectations with us in the comments!