Destiny 2: Where is Xûr Now?

If you play Destiny 2 for some time, you know that in need of exotic weapons or stuff, you need to find Xûr. This vendor accepts Motes of Light and Strange Coins in exchange for items that you even don’t think exist. Where can Xûr be found this week? Let’s see and locate him now.

 Not every day does Xûr appear, but only on Fridays to stay through the weekend. And each Friday it’s a different place. So, where is he reported to be now? As for March 4, Xûr was spotted at the Tower of the Hangar and seen with a number of objects you may want to buy. What are they this time?

 You may be interested in Getaway Artist, an exotic gauntlet that enables you to convert your Arc Grenade to a supercharged Arc Soul. Its price is 23 Legendary Shards. Another item to obtain this week is Sealed Ahamkara Grasps, with which you can reload your weapons by dealing melee damage. Its price is 13 Strange Coins. Finally, there is Merciless, an Exotic energy/fusion rifle. Not that it’s the best fusion rifle in the game, but it shows great results in PvE and is quite decent in PvP, so it definitely deserves being a part of your weaponry. The price of it is 29 Legendary Shards.

 Are these items worth buying? In general, the answer is yes. Even if you don’t want to apply them with your current weapons and armor, tomorrow you may want to try a different set where these abilities can be very useful. But we have seen him offering better items, so it may happen the next week. If you are reading this after the weekend, stay tuned: we will tell you where to find Xûr the next Friday and what to buy from him this time.

 Have you ever met Xûr and bought anything from him? Wes your purchase worth this? Tell us more about the setups you used these exotic items with! Or anything else about your experience in Destiny 2 which you want to share; welcome to our comments!