Google Drive Seems to be Blocking Certain MacOS files

A number of macOS users have reported that some of their ‘hidden’ files are being blocked by Google Drive for copyright violation. It seems preposterous, but some users confirm that their ‘.DS_Store’ file is getting falsely flagged by Google’s storage service. And it seems that this isn’t the first time that macOS users are being accused of copyright violation since similar cases were reported about one month ago.

If you’re unaware of the purpose of ‘.DS_Store’, it is essentially a file that macOS users see when they transfer archives or folders to Windows or Linux. This file is generated automatically by macOS’s Finder, which allows storing metadata on the placement of background images, icon information, etc. This information is then used by the Finder to create a layout that corresponds to the user’s preferences. Usually, these files cannot be seen in a folder since they are hidden by the system, but there is an option in Microsoft’s Explorer that allows these hidden files to be viewed.

Currently, no one knows why Google Drive keeps accusing DS_Store files of copyright infringement once they are uploaded to the cloud storage. Possibly, Google’s reliance on checksums has led to hash-collisions, where the copyrighted file may have the same hash as a regular file which triggers copyright violation notice.

A similar accident occurred about a month ago when Google Drive started accidentally flagging nearly-empty files that contain several numbers for copyright infringement. This issue has already been fixed and hopefully, this new issue will be resolved just as quickly.

Have you ever encountered the issue of your files being flagged for copyright violation by Google Drive? What do you think is causing this issue? Tell us about possible causes in the comments below.