Google Maps and TripAdvisor Clear the Reviews from War News

After Russian authorities attacked Ukraine and attempted to hide the news from Russian citizens, an info war heats up on Google Maps and TripAdvisor. That’s why these platforms don’t allow adding reviews to objects in involved countries (Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus) after March 3.

 The idea of spreading the news via Google Maps and TripAdvisor arose as Russia blocked Facebook, Twitter, and other social media and websites and at the same time cut access to Russian websites from Ukrainian IP. Google Maps and TripAdvisor still function in Russia and Belarus and allow for sharing information, so Ukrainians use its review ability to spread photos and videos from the battlefields, to bypass Russian censorship. The idea was spread by the official Twitter of Anonymous, inspired, as they say, by a tweet of some Polish blogger.

 Regardless of Google’s and TripAdvisor’s attitude, though, it directly violates the terms and conditions that directly prohibit unrelated reviews and foster sharing personal impressions. Stopping this wave by any other means seemed impossible. So Google Maps and TripAdvisor simply don’t allow this. In the meantime, TripAdvisor does not ban war-related discussions on its forums where they don’t violate any rules, and Google bans and completely removes Russian propaganda channels on YouTube.

 At the same time, Google Maps now doesn’t allow adding new businesses to the maps. As reported, these objects can be added by Russian military or collaborationists to mark potential targets. This possibility cannot be excluded, so Google temporarily turned off this feature as well.

 What do you think about these decisions? Have you run into war reports instead of real reviews these days? Tell us what you think about the entire situation in the comments!