Google Play Store Listings Introduce “Data Safety” Labels

How can you check whether the app you’re going to install is safe enough? It will be easier with Data Safety listings introduced by Google. With it, you will be able to see which data this app requires to function and what it needs to access on your device. According to these listings, you will have more grounds to decide whether to install it.

The updated Data Safety labels apply to all the apps that are available on Google Store. In this section on the app’s page, you will be able to learn what information the app collects. More than that: it will provide insights on how the publisher of the app utilizes the collected data, so you can install it or search for an alternative you consider safer.

This policy obliges the developers to submit reports on how they intend to use the data collected by their apps. They are responsible for providing the correct information about which data they collect, how they use it, whether it is provided to third parties, or whether the security practices the developer uses have been validated. Special attention is paid to how the app is committed to following the Families Policy, for better protection of children. If their apps turn out to use it any other way (which is discoverable as the app becomes popular and gets enough attention from data researchers),

This feature is not available for apps you install from third-party sources, though. For these, you will have to do some research on your own: analyze it yourself or read about it on specialized forums which still exist. Google cannot be responsible for your activity (as well as that of those app developers) outside Google Play, even if you use something as authorized as Pixel.

Do you think this measure will increase your data safety? Will you read this section before installing an app from Google Play? Let us know your opinion in the comment section!