Russians Can’t Enter The Sims My Wedding

Due to the anti-gay law in Russia, the Sims fans can access My Wedding Stories. The pack was much awaited by players around the world. It offers to celebrate weddings among Sims right in the game. EA has already confirmed that they will not sell the expansion on the territory of Russia.

The official producer of The Sims, Electronic Arts, decided against selling the wedding expansion pack to Russians. They explain it with the anti-LGBTQ laws. An official campaign of the extension reveals the lesbian couple Dominique and Camille who arrange weddings. Players around the world can create their own perfect wedding using this pack.

In the official announcement, the company says that they understand that the expansion can’t be shared equally around the world. The story of two women who decided to tie the knot, according to the company, is not something they are ready to reveal to all players. The company decided to release the extension only in the country where it can change the usual order of things or be appreciated by players.

Russia back in 2013 revealed the law that prohibits the so-called “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations.” According to it, the expression of any “non-traditional relations” is criminalized. There are fines for any speech on behalf of the LGBTQ community, as well as a ban on popular websites. Above all, Russia justifies violence towards LGBTQ people.

Sims 4 contains multiple packs with expansions. Some of them with same-sex relations are permitted in Russia for the audience of 18+. The company still does not confirm whether they are going to create changes into expansion specifically for the Russian audience.

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