Telegram Premium: Exclusive Stickers, Reactions, and More

YouTube Premium, Twitter Blue, now Telegram …? According to what’s been found in Telegram Beta 8.72 for iOS, one of the most popular messaging platforms is preparing to introduce a new way of monetization. The upcoming (as it seems) Premium subscription will unlock more reactions and stickers for Telegrammers.

In the content of the app, the researchers have found more reaction emoji that are not included in the default set. Also, there are stickers beyond the default set. Probably the app will show them as usable. But once you try to actually reply with such an emoji or a sticker, the app will prompt you to subscribe. This may be even more efficient because non-premium users will not be able even to see these reactions and stickers. Instead, there may be a stub with a call to action.

What else may be in store for premium subscribers? Probably, it will remove ads in channels that followers often see now (this was one of the first steps Telegram has taken towards monetization). It can also bring more options on, Telegram’s publishing platform. For public persons, it may be a good reason to subscribe and enhance their blogs and channels.

Nothing is known so far about how soon paid subscription will appear and how much it will cost. In fact, subscription will not be necessary to enjoy a wide array of reaction, given that Telegram already has many more of them than, say, WhatsApp or Messenger. But the possibility to add even more will be tempting. As for the premium stickers, they may probably be sold separately for non-subscribers. Or may not? Time will show.

Would you subscribe and pay for Telegram Premium? What would motivate you to subscribe? What features does Telegram lack in your opinion? Do you think any of currently free features will become paid perks? Let’s share our ideas in the comments!