The First Large Windows 11 Update has Public Preview of Android Apps

The latest large update for Windows 11 has a lot of great features including an altered look of Media Player and Notepad apps, changes to the taskbar, but the most notable feature is, of course, the public preview of Android apps. What this means is that anyone who has Windows 11 installed will be able to install apps directly from Amazon’s Appstore. The number of apps is certainly smaller than the library of apps in the Google Play store, but despite that, it is still a very nice feature to have.

Even though this feature is just being released, you can expect to see over one thousand apps available, including Amazon’s Kindle and Audible apps as well as a large variety of third-party apps. If you wish to see the preview, you should first ensure that your Microsoft Store is updated. To do this, simply click on ‘Get updates’, which is found in Library. After you are done updating your Microsoft Store, you will be able to browse hundreds of Android games and apps and download them by using Amazon’s Appstore.

The second large change that is coming is an updated taskbar. If you have a multiple-monitor setup, you’ll be happy to find out that the taskbar will finally have time and date available on all of your monitors. They are also adding back the weather widget, as well as a new feature that mutes or unmutes your Microsoft Teams calls.

Additionally, you’ll now have a much easier time screen sharing a certain window or app by using your taskbar when you are in the middle of Microsoft Teams call.

Do you like the new changes that Windows 11 will have? Are you excited about being able to buy apps from Amazon Appstore? Please, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.