Twitter Offers Wide Range of New Features

The platform will provide multiple extra features. Among them are the content warning, report center, and customized app icons. Twitter tries everything to stay in the top-5 list of popular social networks. The company continues to provide new features that match modern demands. Due to hard work and creativity, Twitter continues to stay one of the most popular apps.

Recently, Twitter presented new features that might gain them more positive scores. Some of the updates are already active, while others are still tested. According to the company, all of them will be available in the future.

Last year Twitter launched the Twitter Blue feature, and now it offers a subscription to the service via iOS. During the past few months, the service was on demand among users. Now it received the ability to change the color of the icon on Twitter. You can use it by paying a minimal subscription. Twitter also revealed that the color change will be available for Android owners as well. The company works on an impressive spectrum of hues. The change will be from the light color to orange, from purple to green, and others. Apart from that, users will be able to choose the icons limited in time with the abstract design. To receive the feature, users must pay only $2.99.

Twitter has also revealed the new instrument. It allows its audience to make content warnings in personal tweets. This is the masterpiece that Twitter was developing for over a year. Users can hang the red flag in the individual post, which will hide it from other users. You can repeat the same procedure with the photos. The option is available on both Android and iOS mobile platforms, as well as on the web.

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