YouTube Will Display Activity Graph for Every Video

YouTube has created a new video activity graph that will show the moments of the video that are most often viewed by users. This feature was first introduced in October last year and it has been in the testing phase among selected creators all this time. The company hopes that with this feature users will be able to find the most relevant video segments faster than before.

The peaks of the graph will indicate the segments of the video that were viewed most often. The feature will only be available when the user clicks on the video search bar. Over the past time, this innovation has proven itself very useful, with more than 85% of respondents finding it extremely handy.

The creators, however, understand the downside of the new option. The new functionality may contribute to the fact that the viewing time will decrease, but according to YouTube, the statistics have not significantly changed. However, now that the feature has moved from the testing phase to the active use phase, it is worth monitoring the dynamics of the viewing time.

YouTube decided to take a comprehensive approach to improve the convenience of searching in videos. Video chapter support will now work on gaming consoles and smart TVs. Also, a special tool has been added that will allow the creator to find out which subtitles with automatic translation were most in demand for his video. This way creators will be able to find out which language is most preferred by their target audience. A report on this information is located in the "Audience" tab.

Also, if you have truly dedicated fans, then YouTube has more good news. The maximum membership cost has now increased from $99 to $499.

Are you comfortable with the new video search capabilities? How often do you watch only a part of the video by searching for a specific piece in it? Please write the answers to these questions below.