Gacha Cute

Gacha Cute is a mod version of the popular Gacha Club game, which was developed by Joo and Akemi Natsuki. This mod was released for the Android operating system and is expected to be released for Windows and Mac in the upcoming days.

Gacha Cute is a perfect combination of Gacha Club and Gacha Studio, bringing new and exciting items and character customizations to the table. This game is available in English and Portuguese, making it accessible to all players across the globe.

Gacha Cute is a game that offers a unique experience for those who are looking for something more than just a regular Gacha game. While it replicates the original game, it adds plenty of items to the table. These items range from clothing items to furniture, decorations, and even vehicles. Everything you need to customize and make your characters stand out is available in this game.

The graphics of Gacha Cute are extremely impressive and are some of the best that you can find in a Gacha game. The characters are extremely detailed, and the animations are smooth and fluid. Additionally, the game offers a variety of backgrounds to choose from, which can create a unique atmosphere for your characters.

In terms of features, Gacha Cute offers plenty of options for customizing your characters. You can change your hairstyle, skin color, eye color, and more. Additionally, you can even create your own items and decorate your room in your own unique way.

As for my impressions of Gacha Cute, I am extremely impressed by the game’s graphics and the wide variety of items available. It is also great that the game is available in multiple languages, making it accessible to players all around the world. The character customizations are also quite impressive and can really help you create a unique character that stands out from the rest.


  • Impressive graphics
  • Wide variety of items
  • Multiple languages available
  • Impressive character customizations.


  • Not available for Windows and Mac yet.

Graphics and Sound 7

Controls 7

Gameplay 8

Lasting Appeal 8

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