TikTok - Make Your Day

Tik Tok is a social media that is on everyone’s lips almost because of security concerns. Still, this mobile app is very popular. Here you can make, send, and view the brief videos. Just capture memorable situations in your current life and share them with other users to get their likes and comments.

Design Expectations 9/10

When you launch the app, a random video will start playing at once. And if you are not an experienced user, you will not know how to make it stop. It is annoying a little bit. But when you understand the controls, you will cope with functionality easily. 

The design of the app is developed to display all information in a welcoming way, so that a user could perform his tasks. There is one but – the design team consists of the Chinese mostly, and their vision of the convenient interface is focused on Asian consumers, which expect it to be denser providing more vibrancy. Thus, if you prefer the Western minimalist design, you will find the layout slightly busy.

What Can You Do with This App? 10/10

The product suggests you to view the video content created by various users. Here you can find real jams made by professional musicians and rather poor clips of beginners. Anyway, you will have fun! Moreover, you can show your creativity and release your own video with you dancing or singing. 

The app provides a wide range of rather professional tools and advanced technologies which will allow you to polish the content and get the result as if you use a cool music studio. There is rhythm synchronization, extensive music library, a range of effects, Gaga Dance mode for competition with your friends. 

And in addition the app recognizes faces and collects personal information of users.

Use It With Pleasure 10/10

The app is rather simple but requires some knowledge. Download it quickly and enjoy its smooth operation. The functional layout will help you to find the needed option in a structured menu to the right of the video. 

To start with, you are expected to create an account tapping on a “person” icon. You will be offered a form with simple questions. If you do not want to fill it in, you can continue with restricted functionality. For instance, you will not be able to share your videos.


The app is a perfect addition to your set in a smartphone providing a great opportunity to realize your creative potential and simply enjoy the particular community. You can release your video and discuss it with other users. The software does not take a lot of space on your mobile device being compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 10

Security 10

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