Stranger Things: The Game

Stranger Things: The Game is a mobile RPG based on the universe of ST. It sees you exploring mysteries and bizarre secrets of the little town of Hawkins. Help sheriff Jim Hopper find the missing crew of kids. Download  Stranger Things: The Game and launch an 80s style investigation!

Graphics and Sound – 5/5

Stranger Things: The Game adopts a nice old-school vibe. From the top-down view, you get to explore Hawkins and its vicinity designed in 8-bit. The sheriff and his allies will search through alleys, woods, bushes, and narrow town streets, looking for clues.

The little town looks surprisingly warm and comfy. You even forget about eerie events happening at that idyllic place, as you guide Hopper armed with a searchlight. Some surroundings in the game are interactable and can be even destroyed. Your arsenal and stats are shown on the right in the inventory menu. Its design would've brilliantly suited any arcade game from the 80s.

The game also has little sound effects native to the retro genre. Attack an enemy, collect a coin or just make another step — your ears will be pleasured with blip-blop SFX. And of course, the iconic music theme greets you from the very start. Well, it's a chiptune rendition. But still catchy.

Gameplay – 4.5/5

In the game, you help Jim Hopper find out what happened to the missing kids. And how they can be returned. Over the course of his journey, other characters join him to assist. For instance, Lucas is armed with his slingshot Wrist Rocket, Nancy swings a baseball bat, etc.

Our heroes need to solve puzzles to complete a level, collect silver coins and eggos and also explore the map traveling to different locations. The combat elements are present too: you'll have to figure out how to whoop enemies' asses without getting killed for as long as possible. When you get a new ally, you can play as them and put to work their unique skills to clear a chapter.

Controls – 5/5

Breaking stuff, shooting enemies and punching baddies is done via tapping. Every action can be tapped, or you can also drag your finger across the screen. Especially if you need to guide your character to a specific, distant place.

Lasting Appeal – 4.5/5

Stranger Things is totally free to play. And it's absolutely amazing for a game that is free of charge. You have a number of chapters to complete, a few brain-twisting puzzles and dynamic gameplay set in the Stranger Things universe.

Difficulty Level

Stranger Things: The Game manages to stay enthralling without being hard to crack. All the riddles you'll run into will be accompanied by hints. Enemy encounters may be a bit tough, but you'll deal with them no sweat after a while. Especially when more characters join your squad.


Stranger Things: The Game is a marvelous treat for all fans of the series. It has action, and it has brain work, heart-warming art style, and a pretty interesting plot. Provided it's free of charge, you should definitely join sheriff Hopper and his little friends to find out what's really happening in Hawkins.

Graphics and Sound 9

Controls 9

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 10

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