BIGO LIVE–Live Stream, Video Chat, Make Friends


BIGO LIVE is a completely new social media. The platform allows you to stream whatever you want, communicate with friends, watch popular videos, and make phone calls. If you are able to create interesting content and entertain subscribers, then BIGO may even become a stable source of income.

Interface 4/5

After a quick registration, popular live broadcasts will be the first thing you see. It’s presented as a list of profile pics, which means that broadcasters are free to choose the most click-worthy ones. In the lower part of the screen, you can check out nearby or global streams, play games, and go live. Tapping on a broadcast gets you to the screen, where all the action happens. Here you can see the number of people watching, chat with them, and reward the streamer with beans (the internal currency). Generally speaking, the interface is not complicated and pretty straightforward.

Features 5/5

The more time you spend on the app; the more coins you get. You can also always obtain coins by performing different tasks. These can be later used as gifts to get noticed on a broadcast. The host receives gifts as beans, which can be converted to real cash. If you decide to broadcast, then people will send you beans and If you’re popular enough it will bring you an extra couple of hundreds of dollars monthly.

The app’s strongest part is the social component. Users can unite into “families” and establish special relationships with broadcasters. The most loyal users get promoted and recruited by admins to do different responsible tasks like moderating the chat. Top fans are also shown on a daily basis, which is an easy way to get noticed yourself.

Streamers can invite their viewers on a live guest call. To talk with your favorite broadcaster, you’ll have to add yourself in a queue first. It’s like a waiting list, although when picked you get the attention of an entire room. Finally, when chat gets too crowded, it’s easier to get through if you have a VIP status, which gives many benefits. Other great features include interactive games, weekly events, and even a P2P marketplace.

Usability 5/5

Using Bigo is fun and it doesn’t require you to buy anything. You can get the internal currency just by spending time or streaming by yourself. Vlogging and watching streams are so easy that even a child can figure out how to do it. Regardless of whether or not you like showing off yourself, Bigo provides great opportunities to meet other people and have fun.

Compatibility 5/5

The app is supported both on iOS and Android. Also, a version for Windows OS is available, which makes it possible to stream or create videos from a smartphone, tablet, or even a PC.


BIGO Live is a convenient app that brings social interaction to a whole new level. The interface is simple to navigate and a lot of exclusive features assure long-term retention. The best thing is that to start streaming here you don’t need to be a superstar with the professional equipment. If you have a smartphone or PC, you’re already good to go.


Design and Usability 8

Key Functions 10

Security 10

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