VIZIO SmartCast Mobile™


VIZIO SmartCast is a mobile assistant app designed exclusively for Vizio SmartCast products. Its main goal is to enhance the entertainment experience when watching movies, live broadcasts or TV shows or listening to favorite music.

Interface 5/5

At first sight, it’s already obvious how convenient and pleasant it is to navigate through apps features. The interface is well-crafted and designed in dark tones. No matter what form of entertainment you choose, it can be easily casted to the big screen because of its intuitive and easy-to-understand menu. It’s even possible to do other tasks like playing games or reading emails without disrupting the casting content. The general impression is that interface is very fast and modern.

Features 5/5

VIZIO SmartCast Mobile allows not only to browse through movie libraries and live streaming favorite content but also to control the main functions of your device. It can be used as a remote control to power the device on and off, adjust volume, change settings, pause, and rewinds videos.

Favorite shows or music can now be found in a faster and easier manner using a voice search feature. Just say to the SmartCast app what you want to find and it will be there in a second. If you want to watch something later and not forget about it, just put it in a queue. A very useful function especially at big companies, where’s no common opinion about what to watch.

Another very interesting feature is that VIZIO SmartCast provides a big library full of free content. It includes not only standard TV shows but also movies and music. Free content seems like a decent addition to the existing features and can save you a couple of dollars when you want to watch something without paying for it.

Usability 4/5

SmartCast Mobile app is easy to use. Probably the best thing about this app is that it works over Wi-Fi. Therefore, it’s possible to cast your favorite content from any place that is covered by your network. Definitely a must-have if you have a stable internet connection and different SmartCast products around the house. However, you might found that the app won’t be compatible with all Vizio devices. Even though it’s a significant usability drawback, there’s still plenty of soundbars, speakers, TVs and Home Theater Display that support app usage.

Compatibility 4/5

The VIZIO SmartCast Mobile works perfectly on the majority of Android devices. For iOS, however, version 9.0 or higher is required. It is optimized both for iPhone and iPad, as well as iPod Touch. The app supports 5 languages: English, Italian, French, German, and Spanish, which is not much but is Ok.


The VIZIO SmartCast Mobile is a powerful tool, which enhances the entertainment experience by turning your smartphone or tablet into a remote control. App’s main features assure efficient interaction between users and Vizio SmartCast devices, while the convenient interface makes navigation intuitive and simple.


Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 8

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